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In-Motion Weighbridge

The Vehicle weight , not the numbeer of axles,determines wear and tear of roads.Toll authorities now use weight-based tolling,which relies on weigh-in-motion technology to determine the proper toll classification while keeping the traffic moving.

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Electronic Digitizer

EAGLE Intellegent Terminal model ESMW 1245(Eagle Scale Mfg. Works) is a computer speciality designed for weighbridge applications , and it is used at weighbridges for printing Weighment slips and generating Weighment reports.

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Weighbridge Accessories

There are various types of lightning strikes, but the one that concern us is the dramatic forked lightning. A weighbridge, by nature, is very unlikely to be the tallest structure in its locality and so will rarely be directly struck by lightning. If it does receive a direct hit then no weighbridge in the world could withstand the electrical energy that would strike it and then pass through its load cells as the easiest route to earth Shering approach the problem of lightning protection from the point of view of preventing damage from this dissipated energy. We do this by using a PATENTED load cell assembly unit which fits an insulating component between the ground and the weighbridge deck. The dielectric properties of this insulator are such that it will restrict the voltage potential across the weighbridge and its load cells to less that 100V, which is the level the load cells cal comfortably withstand without damage.>Over10 years of use on shering weighbridge around the world has proved this insulator to be both electrically durable and structurally strong enough in the most arduous conditions.

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Mobile Weighbridge

Concrete Platform Weighbridges :

Mobile weighbridge needs no foundation, just smooth hard surface on which the load cell plates rest. This saves lots of cost and time. Standard weighbridge foundation and installation takes 2-3 months while mobile weighbridges can be installed in 2 hours. These weighbridges can also be shifted to another site easily. The modular design helps in easy cost effective transportation and re-installation.

These are steel fabricated modular platform supplied complete with ramps. The top plate is steel checkered. Machine comes with the bottom frame which is steel fabricated. The load cells are installed between the bottom frame and the top frame. The bottom frame substitutes the traditional foundation. The bottom frame just needs a smooth hard surface on which it rests. Mobile Weighbridges We offer clients a wide range of mobile weighbridges. These are fully certified, totally mobile and self-contained unit that can be set up at virtually any location within minutes..

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Modular Weighbridge

Cost Benefit Analysis:

Civil Work :

If you opt for our mobile weigh bridge with inbuilt steel foundation plates you don’t require any civil foundation work. For the erection of the weighbridge only a well leveled hard surface is required. The savings accrued because of this are

  • Savings in the cost of civil foundation works is approx. Rs.1,50,000/- in Small Size
  • Savings in time to the tune of 20 days @ Rs.2500/- per day. This savings is recurring for every relocation of the weighbridge.

Reduction In Load Distance : 

As EAGLE weighbridge can be easily dismantled and re erected within a short span of time, it can be constantly relocated near to area of operation. This will help enormously in reducing lead distance, reduction of handling cost, manpower, and appreciable improvement in productivity.

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Weighment Photo Capturing Facility

The Unattended weighbridge System is a stand alone system which allows 24 hours 7 days a week weighing operators without the need of operator.Due to the systems easy interface.it is totally operated by the truck driver.Moreover Eagle Solution custom design the system to suit the specific requirement of your operators..

System Automatically take Vehicle Image/Photo on Weighment Time,Capture Vehicle actual position on weighbridge and store image in HDD with full ticket.

Ideal For :

  • Mining Industry
  • Steel Industry
  • Cement Industry etc.
  • Sugar Industry


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Single Axle Weighbridge

Axle weighbridges are a very good choice for Mines and Factories, where installations are required to be quick. Shifting axle weighbridge can be done quickly and needs only a small pickup truck for transportation.

Axle weigh bridges are very cost effective solution, the user benefits from the low equipment cost, low cost of civil work & installation and hence rapid recovery on investment.

Civil work takes only 3 to 4 days time and the installation can be done in just one day. With its many advantages and cost benefits, axle weighbridge is highly rewarding solution with no compromise.

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Electronic Weighing Scale

Features :

  • Capacity 10kg, 20kg & 30 kg. Also available triple accuracy model 10/20/30kg
  • Readability 1g, 2g, 5g & 1/2/5 g (fro triple accuracy model) 100,000 internal and 30,000 external counts.
  • Molded ABS or SS Body.
  • Stainless Steel Pan
  • Standard dual display-Front & Pole display
  • OR Front & Rear display
  • Red LED Display (0.56” high)
  • Piece counting, Check weighing & Accumulation functions
  • Battery provides up to 40 hours of continues use.
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