Weighbridge Accessories

Junction Box With Corner

Eagle Junction Box takes the input from multiple load cells and sums them in parallel to form a single output equal to the sum of the forces on the load cells. Summing is a common practice in industry, as most tanks, bins, hoppers and platforms are often supported by 2, 3 or 4 load cells which are used to give the total weight being monitored.

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Lightning Protector

There are various types of lightning strikes, but the one that concern us is the dramatic forked lightning. A weighbridge, by nature, is very unlikely to be the tallest structure in its locality and so will rarely be directly struck by lightning. If it does receive a direct hit then no weighbridge in the world could withstand the electrical energy that would strike it and then pass through its load cells as the easiest route to earth Shering approach the problem of lightning protection from the point of view of preventing damage from this dissipated energy. We do this by using a PATENTED load cell assembly unit which fits an insulating component between the ground and the weighbridge deck. The dielectric properties of this insulator are such that it will restrict the voltage potential across the weighbridge and its load cells to less that 100V, which is the level the load cells cal comfortably withstand without damage.>Over10 years of use on shering weighbridge around the world has proved this insulator to be both electrically durable and structurally strong enough in the most arduous conditions.

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Jumbo Display

EAGLE is launching its ERD Series of easy to read LED remote displays. Available with a choice of 5, 11 or 17 cm digits the high intensity, red LED characters can be seen from up to 325 feet and with a filtered lens are clearly visible both indoors and outside. These easy to read displays mean that operators do not need to walk around a site checking readouts. When integrated to a weighbridge, for example, there is no reason for a driver to leave the safety of his or her cab. The remote displays use auto-learn technology to make installation quick and easy. This can interpret the communication format and data stream of almost any instrument automatically to reduce set up time. There is usually no need to press buttons or set switches to configure the ERD series with its plug and play capability. It can be integrated to virtually any weighing equipment and can be used for a huge range of applications. The remote displays have a wide range of preinstalled programmes for different weighing applications and can display data in either tones or kilograms with the gross and net weight.

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Eagle Scale is one of the leading Manufacturer of Printer since 1974. It is one of the experienced exporters of Printer.

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Weighbridge Cabin

Eagle Scale is one of the leading Manufacturer of weighbridge cabin since 1974. It is one of the experienced exporters of weighbridge cabin.

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M S Steel Ramp

Eagle Scale is one of the leading Manufacturer of Steel Ramps since 1974. It is one of the experienced exporters of Steel Ramps.

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Load Cell Cable

Load Cell Earthing

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