Umbrella Head Roofing Nail Making Machine

Power Press For Cutting Washers

It is used for cutting the washers. It has capacity 5 Ton. It required 2 HP electric motor.

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Nail Polishing Drum

The nail polishing drum is used for sourcing and polishing the wire nails. It revolves at 10 to 45 R. P. M having capacity 200 kg. Per hour. It require 2 H.P electric motor.

The nails with nippings are loaded into the drums and suitable quantity of saw dust and leather cutting is added.Thereafter they are tumbled for approximately 20 – 40 minutes depending on the dirt accumulation on the nails. The nippings and scouring can be drawn off together at the end of the process, if the machine is ordered with a dust filter unit with an exhauster. Otherwise the nails can be separated through a sieve also.

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Cutter Grinding machine

The Grinding Machine is specially designed to sharpen and grinding the dies and cutters of the machine. It is fitted with four grinding wheels of different shapes and special attachments. One H.P. x 2600 R.P.M. Motor is fitted in it.

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