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Rubber Diaphragms

We are a Trusted name in manufacturing Diaphragms, Which are Resistant To A Varietymedia At Different Pressure. These Are Sealing Movable Dividing Membranes Between Two Components. They Works Under Two Different Pressures Like Liquies Or Gases. They Are Reinforced By Fabric In Multy Layer. They Transfers Pressure From One Side To Another Side.
Its Major Feature is to Fulfill Switch, Control, Valve, Pump and Accumulator Functions.

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Rubber Grommets Manufacturers

We Produce Rubber Grommets In Every Shape, Size And Specification. These Rubber Moulded Components Are Used In Fields Like Automobiles, Appliances, Electronics, Hardware, Telecom, Furnishing And Various Similar Industries.
These Components Are Moulded According To Customer Requirements And Strict Specifications As Per Customer Needs. We Have Innumerable Standard And Semi-Standard Sized Rubber Grommets Available, And Can Supply Virtually Any Configuration Of Size, Style, And Material Compound Without Expensive Tooling / Mold Costs In Many Cases

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Rubber Gasket Manufacturers

Space Between Two Objects, Majorly To Prevent Leakage Between The Two Objects While Under Compression. These Are Used For Providing High Pressure Sealing Under Static Conditions.

We Manufacture Gasket by two Methods
1.) Compession Moulding Gasket.
2.) Die Cut Gasket.
We Manufacture Gasket from All Kind of Materials Like Nr, Nbr, Epdm, Silicone, Viton, Butyle, Teflon, Asbes Non - Asbestos, Copper Etc For Different Industries For Different - Different Applications.

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