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Dry Mix Mortar Plant

Dry Mix mortar Making Plant

Laxmi En- Fab, one of the well recognized Manufactures, Exporter and Suppliers of various plant & machinery. Mainly cover AAC plant , drying equipment ,Gradation equipment, mixing equipment process equipment , mortar plant etc. 
What is dry mortar:

Dry mortar is also called pre-mixed mortar, which made in the factory by precise batching and uniform mixing. It can be used directly just by adding water in construction site. It has different properties though adding different additives. The demand for dry mortar has increased rapidly due to its outstanding merit compare to the mortar production in job-site. 
Description of simple dry motar production machines:
Laxmi series simple dry mortar mixing production line is designed based on the traditional mixer, is added a material conveying system, a storage bin and an automatic filling machine. The well-mixed materials will go into the storage bin via material conveying equipment and the mixer may be feed consecutively and work continuously in flow line production, Moreover, it may realize automatic metering and filling, hence, it may not merely save the time and energies but also may be more accurate. Requiring little INVESTMENT, but it may load, weight and package the materials automatically; no wondering, it is a simple but practical production line. 

Raw Material

Cementing material

cement, lime, plaster


yellow sand, quartz sand, limestone, dolomite, expanded perlite etc

Mineral admixture

industrial byproduct, industrial slag, fly ash, pozzolana, fine silica powder etc


retention and thickening material


Chemical additives

 Main Equipment for Mortar making plant :


Material handling equipment

Drying equipment - Sand dryer

Mixer - Dry mix mortar mixer

Bucket elevator

Gradation –

Controlling calve

Screw conveyor

Rotary screen

Storage silo

Belt conveyor

Vibrating screen

Raw silo

Pnumetic conveying system

Packing machine


 Salient Features: -

· Retention of important properties of spices like taste, flavour and colour

· Maintains uniform quality of product.

· Easy and economical dust free operation

· Wide range of product.

· Easy and economical maintenance.

· Ready availability of spares.

· Reliable after sales service.


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Fly Ash Classification Plant

Air Classification is the process of separating particles according to the settling velocity in a gas. Air Classifiers are used to separate dry materials into different particle size fractions by their size, mass or shape. Air Classifiers are used to modify a particle size distribution, remove the fines fraction of a material or the over size or coarse particles of a material or create two grades of material.

In event of air classification cycle of operation, material enters the centre feed pipe and drops upon the rotating distributor plate below, which disperses the material into the upward sweep of circulating air developed by the fan in the top chamber of the drum. The whizzer blades set up a centrifugal motion of the air and material. This concentrates the oversize material along the surface of the upper inner cone, where gravity causes it to flow into the lower inner cone and then out the tailings spout at the bottom. The air stream carrying the powdered material of required fineness moves through the fan and is delivered into the outer cone chamber where the fines are discharged as finished product which is desired to classify. After the fines are released in the outer cone, the air returns through the deflector ports to the inner cone, setting up a continuous cycle.

Air Classifiers are Ideal for Pigment Colours - Minerals & Ores - Chemicals Technical Products Dyestuffs - Fertilizer - Insecticides - Pesticides



Production Kg/Hr


2 HP

10 to 20 KG. 325 Mash


5 HP

60 to 100 KG. 325 Mash


7.5 HP

130 to 200 KG. 325 Mash


10 HP

200 to 250 KG. 325 Mash


15 HP

400 to 500 KG. 325 Mash


25 HP

750 to 900 KG. 325 Mash


40 HP

   2000 to 2500 KG.

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Plaster of Paris Plant

We are manufacturing the POP Plant to process which is usually obtained either from the marine or from the mines We are making even the calcinations plant of batch type as well as of continuous type. So for any more details, please contact us with your requirement of range of production

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Lime Calcination Plant

Recognized as a noted manufacturer, supplier, distributor and service provider in the industry, we, Laxmi En-Fab Pvt. Ltd. offer a wide spectrum of Rotary Kiln, which is ideally used in building materials, metallurgy, chemical industry, environmental protection. We are committed in providing high quality standard Rotary Kiln and hence, quality inspection is followed in the entire business process. Popular as a construction equipment, our range of Rotary Kilns is manufactured in compliance with international quality standards of quality and industry norms.

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Spice Plant

Rotary Dryer

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