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Mac Dye Chem is an Ahmedabad, India based Direct Dyes Manufacturer, Direct Dyes Supplies, Reactive Dyes Manufacturer, Reactive Dyes India, Direct Turquoise Blue scientifically known as Direct Blue 86 and Reactive Dyes Turquoise Blue (H5G) known as Reactive Blue 25 , Direct Congo Red basically called us Direct Red 28 and Direct Bordeaux BW C.I name is Direct Red 13. Our Dyes are applicable to textile, leather, paper and other Industries. Mac Dye Chem is the leading manufacturer and exporters of Direct Turquoise Blue - 86 since 1981.

Some other product which company Manufactures & Supplies are follows.
Direct Fast Crom Red F, Direct Black B H/C, Direct Blue 2B, Direct Green B, Direct Brown MR, Direct Brown BRLL, Direct Orange GR, Direct Blue GLL, Direct Violet MB, Direct Fast Helio B, Direct SKY Blue FF, Direct Red 1 (Crude), Direct Black 38, Direct Blue 2, Direct Green 6, Direct Green 1, Direct Brown 2, Direct Brown 25, Direct Orange 1, Direct Blue 71, Direct Red 81, Direct Violet 15, Direct Blue 15, Reactive Turquoise Blue H5G, Ramzol Turquoise Blue G.


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