Water Conservation is Our Obligation

Pristine Eco Solutions Private Limited has vowed to dedicate itself in giving the excellent services and to the total customer satisfaction. Now days over a billion people around the globe still face scarcity of clean water to drink and even in developed and industrialized nations water as a source of nutrition is becoming a rare item to find clean. The reason being
the climatic, environmental pollution levels, shrinking ground resources, many generations till date using the water resources carelessly etc., we believe there is still a chance to change this situation. Accordingly, water treatment and waste water treatment methods are evolving and modified to great extent to achieve the same goal.

With our innovative ideas and the services we desire to make significant contribution to the provision of secure and clean water supply and water, waste water and the effluent treatment in all the sectors especially industrial and the residential.

Pristine Eco Solutions Private Limited [PESPL] is an engineering team based at Pune that develops sustainable water treatment technology. The Company enjoys the cutting edge in an industry that is becoming increasingly and intensely competitive.

PESPL is aimed for the total customer satisfaction and the superior performance to give away the perfect solutions and optimization in terms of economic as well as technical aspects. The services and the product we offer are used to customize the solutions in the view of commercial and technical background. PESPL, while making its own contribution in conserving and treating the water and water resources, we help others to do the same by providing the end to end solutions in water segment.

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