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Reverse Osmosis (R.O) Plant

Reverse Osmosis or R.O water treatment plant uses for removing molecules and ions from water. This plant is a portable and a self-reliant product. This plant can be used in industries to convert any kind of water into drinkable water. Requirement of pure and healthy drinking water is being increased by the days. People are now becoming serious about making their lifestyles healthier. Drinking pure water is one of the parts of their healthy lifestyles.

Not only for civilians and common residents, Reverse Osmosis plants are useful for industries too. In large industrial units, water treatment systems have great significance. In industries, there is water has been used in many ways. Using pure water for industries is essential because there are many workers working there as well as pure water can be used for production too.


  • Good and Long Working Life
  • Excellent Quality
  •  Fully Automatic
  • Capable to save energy and Power
  • Inexpensive for Operating
  • Effective Design
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Sewage Treatment Plant

Sewage water treatment plant is a kind of water treatment and waste water treatment plant. It is also known as STP. It is used for removing contaminants and dirtiness among sewage water. STP basically works for wastewater treatment solution. Sewage systems have been available almost everywhere. Just like as domestic buildings, sewage systems also existed at industrial and institutional buildings. Huge amount of waste water has been produced through this sewage system. With sewage water treatment systems, this waste and effluent water can be treated and makes it reusable.

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Demineralization (DM) Plant

Demineralization plant is also called as DM Plant in water treatment divison. This water treatment systems is used for removing unnecessary mineral salts from water. The system uses ion exchange process for eliminating minerals. Calcium, iron, copper and cations of sodium like mineral ions are there in water. As well as anions like sulphate, chloride, nitrate are also existing in the normal water. This DM plant generates minerals free water. The Demineralization technology is one of the established processes of water treatment.

Why We?

VAS Enterprise is one of the most established manufacturer and supplier of Demineralization plant. Our Ion exchange technology based DM plant is extremely proficient for removing dissolved minerals from water. Minerals free water is worth to use for industrial and domestic purposes. We design and manufacture a series of DM plant for industries which meets our clients basic requirements concerning with water treatment. Our DM systems are available in manual, semiautomatic and fully automatic mode. We promise to bring best outputs.


  • Low maintenance
  • Long lasting
  • Free from rust
  • Inexpensive
  • Use less energy


  •  Oil & Gas Industries
  •  Chemical Industries
  •  Power plants
  •  Fabric Industries
  •  Pharmaceutical Industry
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Packaged Drinking Water Plant

VAS Enterprise manufactures and supplies a range of packaged drinking water plant & mineral water plant for industrial units. Our qualified engineers are taking care of every process. Our range of packaged drinking water plants/mineral water plants are available in various shapes, sizes and configurations.

Why Choose us

Packaged Drinking water and Mineral water plants are used in Industries like beverage and food industries. Additional machines like bottle filling machine, pouch filling machines and other water treatment equipments are available with us.

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Iron Removal Plant

When iron exists in the ground water, then it creates many difficulties for using it. Hemochromatosis and gastrointestinal diseases can be caused by water that contained bad irons. Also it would be harmful to drink metallic tasted water iron contaminated water. This kind of iron contaminated water has to be treated for making it usable and drinkable. Iron Removal plant is the solution for treating that kind effluent and harmful water.

VAS Iron removal plant

VAS Introduced Iron removal plant can eliminate irons, metals and all the harmful chemical contaminants. Our Iron removal plant contains highly efficient filters which are remove iron totally. We manufacture a range of Iron removal plants for industrial water treatment. It removes Iron and other impurities and contaminants like turbidity from water. This system is a lucrative solution for any kind of problem acquired by iron present in water.


  • Brings constant supply of pure water.
  • Thoroughly removes iron from water.
  • Non-electrical device make sure continuous supply without frequent operating costs.

Features & Specifications

  •  Power & energy saver
  •  Long-lasting
  •  Easily operatable
  • Easy to install
  • High shelf life
  • Hygienic


  • Residential/housing
  • Commercial building
  • Paper Mills
  • Chemical industries
  • Pharma industries
  • Cotton mills
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water clarifier for sewage treatment

A Clarifier plays a significant role in the primary process of wastewater treatment. In water treatment division a clarifier is used to remove sediment, dirt and floating objects from water. It also separates solid from water. Clarifiers are one of the oldest and most efficient methods of treatment of waste water. There are different types of clarifiers are used in industrial water and waste water.


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Filtration Plant

Water Filtration plant is a part of water treatment systems. Its basics are same as other water treatment plants and systems. Water Filtration plant is also entitled as Filtration plant. Like all water treatment products filtration plant also working on same theory to purify water. Filtration plant is used for removing all dirtiness and hazardous chemicals/objects from water. All kind of dirt and impurities has been removed by Filtration plant. For industries, it is necessary to install filtration plant surround the unit.

We at VAS Enterprise, manufacture all kind of water treatment systems. Water Filtration systems or filtration plant is offered by us. A small range of filtration plants with multiple features. We are manufactures, suppliers and exporters of all water treatment systems including filtration plant. Our water filtration systems are highly efficient as well as it can be used very effortlessly. We design this filtration plant as per client’s necessities. Different shapes and sizes are available for water filtration plant with us. All can find the best rate for this product at VAS Enterprise.

Features Available

  • Different shapes and sizes are available
  • Long Life
  • High Quality components
  • High Efficiency
  • Low Maintenance
  • Economical
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Purified Water Plant

Purified water plant is used for removing impurities from water and transforms it as pure water which is good enough for humans to drink as well as for industrial use.

VAS offers Purified water treatment Plant

VAS Enterprise has been made the most reputed brand in water treatment division since last decade. We are making best water treatment machines for industries. We are dealing Purified water treatment plant for industrial process water. We use latest technologies and standard components with highest quality in our industrial purified water plant. These products are available with semiautomatic & fully automatic mode.


  • Pharmaceutical industry
  • Process plant
  • Food & Beverage industry
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Seawater Desalination Plant

It is a fact that seawater is now a most important resource for supplying water all around the world. But actually seawater is not suitable to drink or any kind of use either. Most of the seawater is salty water as well as there is so much huge amount of salinity found in seawater. Obviously this kind of water can not be used for drinking and many other purposes. The desalination process makes seawater as usable water. Seawater desalination is part of the water treatment division.

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Effluent Treatment Plant

Different kinds of plants and systems are used for converting impure water into pure water. Effluent Water treatment plant [ETP] is used for treating effluent. Effluent comes from many places. To reduce effluent and that kind of hazardous material from water, ETP plant can work efficiently. The purpose of using effluent treatment plant is same as sewage water treatment plant and waster water treatment plant. In our nearest places like industries, sewages and other polluted places, there is so much effluent water has been accumulated. Effluent Treatment Plant [ETP] is the perfect solution for transforming impure water into clean water. Effluent Treatment Plant can easily reduce effluent from oily water and service water. Effluent water treatment plant is the only solution for reducing hazardous materials and all impurities.

ETP manufacturers & Suppliers

VAS Enterprise manufactures effluent treatment plant for industries. We design, produce and supply a range of Effluent Treatment Plants. Our ETP is easy to operate, easy to maintain and made from the highest quality of materials. It brings few advantages. Like, it has covered very less space compared with other water treatment plants and the water generates with it, can be reused.

VAS Enterprise is the leading and reputed manufacturers and suppliers of Effluent Treatment Plant in Gujarat, India. VAS Enterprise offers effluent treatment plant which probably the best way to purify waste and effluent water of Industries. Clearly, It is very efficient and capable to remove all kinds of impurities and harmful chemicals from the usable water and wastewater. We are reckoned as reputed name as ETP manufacturers & Effluent treatment plant suppliers.


  •   Highly Energy efficient
  •  Featuring newest technologies like SAFF, FAB & MBBR
  •   Water recycles for Gardening, Cooling Tower, Toilet Flushing
  •   Compact with low footprint
  •  Low operation & maintenance costs
  • Available in containerized (ready to use) & non containerized mode.

Where ETP is used? 

  • Milk industry
  • Food Industries
  •  Pharmaceutical Industries
  •  Dye Manufacturing Industries
  •  Textile Industries
  • Petrochemical Industries
  •  Sugar and Distilleries
  •  Fertilizer manufacturing Industries
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Pharmaceutical RO Plant

The pharmaceutical industry needs highly pure water for making safest drugs and medicines. Water is most important raw material Medicines are made for preventing and cure of human diseases as well as for health care. Reverse Osmosis Plant for pharmaceutical industry can produce pure water that can be useful for making medicines.

VAS Enterprise offers Pharmaceutical RO Plant which is the best solution for concerns regarding issues of impure water in pharmaceutical industries. We design it as per clients’ requirements as well we use standard components in it. That will remove unwanted bacteria and other harmful objects from the water. Our Pharmaceutical RO plant contains RO, UF, MB and EDI units which give the best outputs for various applications. We offer a range of models in standard packages. Our models are available with semiautomatic and fully automatic features. These are offered at very competitive price.

Used In

Pharmaceutical RO Plant is used mostly in pharmaceutical industrial units. This water treatment plant is also used in chemical industries. Also in the process plant, this product can be used

Pharma_RO Plant

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ElectrodeIonization (EDI) Plant

Electrodeionization plant for water treatment is used to produce even more pure water. It uses EDI technology which is very productive water treatment method. Electro-De-Ionization plant is also called EDI Plant in the industry. EDI is also a substitute product for usual mixed-bed polish system. This ElectroDeIonization plant uses EDI technology which is vital to generate even more pure and healthy water. EDI technology is higher in demand wherever there is requirement of purest water. Power plants, pharmaceutical industries, manufacturing process, chemical and laboratory industries have need that kind of ultra pure water. EDI plant can be proved highly efficient product at those places.

Our EDI Plant

With using latest ultra-modern technologies and strong infrastructure we are manufacturing all kinds of water treatment plants including EDI plant. VAS Enterprise offers a range of EDI plants which are compatible with industry standard. Our EDI plants are connected with interconnected pipeline and storage vessels which make exceptional filtration procedure. Our EDI plants are highly demanded due to its powerful assembly, high performance and trouble-free operation/installation. These water treatment systems are used in various industries. Owing to our approach of focus on modern technology and advance engineering, we are established as the most reputed manufacturers and supplier of ElectroDeIonization plant.

EDI Plant


  •  Simple and continuous operation
  •  Chemicals for regeneration completely eliminated
  •  Cost effective operation and maintenance
  •  Low power consumption
  •  Non pollution, safety and reliability
  •  Less space require
  •  Generate highly pure water
  •  Removes all the dissolved elements
  •  In combination with reverse osmosis pre-treatment, it removes more than 99.9% of ions from the water


  •  Manufacturing processes
  • Food and beverage industries
  • Chemical Industry
  •  Biotechnology
  • Electronics
  •  Cosmetic
  •  Laboratories
  •  Pharmaceutical industry
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Mixed Bed Plant

Mixed Bed Plant or MB systems for water treatment is mostly used for fine polishing of water. It is made with using caption and anion resins. Both are combined in SS vessel or a GRP. As a result, the mixed bed plant produces even more pure and fresh water. These systems are extra responsive to contaminants and dirtiness. In general, the mixed bed deionizers are used to polish the water and give it higher level of purity. Mixed Bed plants are used in reverse osmosis unit or with two-bed deionizers. Less than 1 micro Siemens water quality generate through mixed bed plant.

Choose us

We offer quality range of Mixed Bed Plant for industries’ water installations. We use the latest technology and a very easy interface that can be easily operated. We maintain standard quality components in mixed bed plants. Our mixed bed systems are mostly exported in advanced water installations like the medical, chemical and electronic industries, power stations and hospitals. Our mix bed system is recognized for its design, powerful structure and efficiency. To know our clients’ basic requirements are also important for us.

Mixed Bed Plant

Features & Specifications

  •  Ion exchange vessels
  •  Automatic & Semiautomatic
  •  Cation resin
  •  PLC control panel
  •  UPVC piping & valves
  •  Low price
  •  Maintain standard quality
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Carbon Filtration Plant

Carbon Filtering is basically a process that uses chemical adsorption to filter activated carbon and remove all the impurities and effluent substances from water. It is considered as one of the oldest apparatus of water purification. Carbon Filtration plant works for this process of water treatment. For removing chlorine, sediment, taste and smell from water, carbon filters are highly recognized to use. Carbon filtration system is vastly recognized as most effective water purification system for industrial process plant. Activated carbon successfully eliminates various substances, chemicals and gases.

What we offer

AS Enterprise is a reputed name in water treatment division and we have also gained fame as a manufacturer of Carbon Filtration systems. We introduce carbon filtration system for industrial process plants. We have There are 3 types of Carbon filters are available with us. Our filters are designed and based on balanced loading for great outputs.

1. Pressure Sand filter:
Best filtered water produced by pressure sand filter with graded sand and anthracite.
2. Multigrade carbon filter:
-Horizontal sand filter with single & double compartment designs.
-Vertical sand filter with graded media for better
3. Activated Carbon filters:
Activated carbon with high amount of iodine produces eminence outcomes.


  • It removes medicine/drug like elements from water.
  • It is useful to eliminate dissolved organics and poisons.
  • Bio-filtration made efficient with using carbon filtration.
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Micron Filtration Plant

VAS Enterprise is dealing all kinds of water treatment plants, systems and equipments for industrial purposes. We are manufacturing and supplying a class range of micron filter and micron filtration plant. Our micron filters are accessible in various shapes, dimensions, designs and requirements of our clients. We use modern technologies and premium quality raw-materials which make our products more productive. Because our micron filtration plant contains various features and specifications, it acquires maximum orders from our clients.



  • Trouble-free operation
  • Custom design
  • Easy unit assembly
  • High flow rate
  •  Low maintenance
  • Consistent performance

Micron cartridge filter


  •     It removes traces of iron
  •     It makes filtration easy and uninterrupted
  •     Eliminates minor suspended solids
  •     Choking of membranes will be stopped
  •     Easy to assemble
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Ultra Filtration Plant

Ultra filtration is membrane based filtration technology. It is mostly used in various industrial process plants. That one also called as UF plant. For separating high molecular weight particles from water, this UF plant is used. Ultra Filtration plant separates those molecular particles with using membrane technology. This water treatment product is also used as a Reverse osmosis pretreatment plant. A range of standard materials are used in piping of UF system.

VAS Enterprise is the leading brand name in Industry for Ultra filtration plant. We design, manufacture and supply UF plants. A range of UF plants which are manufactured with various membrane configurations and sizes are available with us. Our products are highly in demanded in diverse industries because the advanced features and technology they contain. Ultra filtration systems of VAS Enterprise also deliver maximum advantages and great outcomes.

Features & Specifications

  • Effortless Operating and maintaining
  •  Ease of installation
  • Automatic function for operation
  •  Low maintenance cost
  •  No operating cost


  •     Waste water recycling
  •     Packaged drinking water plant
  •     Surface water filtration
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Water Softening Plant

Water softening plant is also called as a softener, softener plant and water softening system. It is a kind of softening machine which is part of water treatment section. The main purpose of using this product is to remove unwanted minerals like calcium and magnesium which make the water harder. When calcium and magnesium exist in the water, then the carbonates and bio-carbonates of these minerals make the water stiff and hard. The hardness of water creates many difficulties during use for industries and domestic purposes.

VAS Enterprise offers a series of water softening plants which are using latest technology and contain extra advanced features. Since our company’s establishment in 2006, we are become a reputed supplier and manufacturer of water treatment systems in India. Water softening plant is one of the prime products of our company. Our water softening systems based on ion exchange technology. It also comprises a vessel which filled with strong acid cation exchange resin. Our softening products are available at competitive price. Contact us with hesitate is you are keen to deal with us. You can send you can send inquiry too.

Softening system



  •     Save energy
  •     Resilient
  •     Trouble-free Operation

Used In

  •     Power plants
  •     Oil and gas industries
  •     Textile production
  •     Chemical & pharmaceutical industries
  •     Use at domestic level
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