CPCB Silent DG Set Diesel

CPCB Silent DG Set Diesel


  • Easy to install unit
  • High reliability in extreme operating condition
  • Long Service life
  • Worldwide distrivution network
  • CPCB II Compliant
  • Compact design saves installation space thus construction cost
  • Low emission ensure environmentally friendly operation
  • Low Operating costs
  • Excellent smooth running characteristic
  • Low maintenance requirements and legendary durability
  • 11 Tank Per Treatment Process
  • 1000 hrs Salt Spray Test
kVA kWe kWm bHp
PKGVPII - 250 TAD754GE 250 200 228 310 6, In-Line TC Electronic / Class G3 7.15 348 600 4000x1500x2500 3100
PKGVPII - 320 TAD1351GE 320 256 286 389 6, In-Line TC Electronic / Class G3 12.78 445 990 5000x1910x2340 5200
PKGVPII - 380 TAD1354GE 380 304 339 461 6, In-Line TC Electronic / Class G3 12.78 528 990 5200x1910x2390 6100
PKGVPII - 415 TAD1355GE 415 320 369 502 6, In-Line TC Electronic / Class G3 12.78 556 990 5200x1910x2390 6200
PKGVPII - 500 TAD1651GE 500 400 441 600 6, In-Line TC Electronic / Class G3 16.12 695 990 5400x1910x2390 6400
PKGVPII - 600 TWD1652GE 600 480 522 710 6, In-Line TC Electronic / Class G3 16.12 834 990 5600x1910x3440 6650
PKGVPII - 650 TWD1653GE 650 520 564 767 6, In-Line TC Electronic / Class G3 16.12 904 990 5600x1910x3440 6790

kVA kWe kWm bHp
PKGVE - 25 EE483TCI 30kVA CPCB II 25 20 28 38 4, In-Line TCI Mechanical / Class A1 3.3 35 60 2430x1000x1135 840
PKGVE - 30 EE483TCI 30kVA CPCB II 30 24 28 38 4, In-Line TCI Mechanical / Class A1 3.3 42 60 2430x1000x1135 850
PKGVE - 40 EE483TCI 40kVA CPCB II 40 32 39 52 4, In-Line TCI Mechanical / Class A1 3.3 56 90 2470x1000x1315 900
PKGVE - 50 EE483TCI 50kVA CPCB II 50 40 48 65 4, In-Line TCI Mechanical / Class A1 3.3 70 130 2685x1080x1455 1085
PKGVE - 62.5 EE483TCI 62.5kVA CPCB II 62.5 50 60 80 4, In-Line TCI Mechanical / Class A1 3.3 87 130 2685x1080x1455 1140
PKGVE - 82.5 EE483TCI 82.5kVA CPCB II 82.5 66 78 105 6, In-Line TCI Mechanical / Class A1 4.9 115 130 3100x1100x1575 1585
PKGVE - 100 EE483TCI 125kVA CPCB II 100 80 95 127 6, In-Line TCI Mechanical / Class A1 5.7 139 200 3400x1200x1500 1640
PKGVE - 125 EE483TCI 125kVA CPCB II 125 100 115 156 6, In-Line TCI Mechanical / Class A1 5.7 174 200 3400x1200x1500 1680
PKGVE - 160 EE483TCI 160kVA CPCB II 160 128 148 201 6, In-Line TCI Mechanical / Class A1 5.7 222 320 3800x1400x1820 2115

kVA kWe kWm bHp
PKGES - 10 G15 - II 10 8 16 21.6 2, In-Line NA Mechanical / Class A1 1.56 14 35 1765x900x1355 690
PKGES - 15 G15 - II 15 12 16 21.6 2, In-Line NA Mechanical / Class A1 1.56 21 35 1765x900x1355 700
PKGES - 20 G20 - II 20 16 19 25 3, In-Line NA Mechanical / Class A1 2.145 28 60 2155x940x1250 880
PKGES - 25 G25 - II 25 20 25 33.6 3, In-Line TCI Mechanical / Class A1 2.145 35 85 2400x1040x1400 950
PKGES - 30 G30 - II 30 24 31 42 3, In-Line TCI Mechanical / Class A1 2.145 42 85 2400x1040x1400 960
PKGES - 35 G40 - II 35 28 43 58 4, In-Line TCI Mechanical / Class A1 2.86 49 85 2500x1040x1400 970
PKGES - 40 G40 - II 40 32 43 58 4, In-Line TCI Mechanical / Class A1 2.86 56 85 2500x1040x1400 1050
PKGES - 45 G40 - II 45 36 43 58 4, In-Line TCI Mechanical / Class A1 2.86 63 85 2500x1040x1400 1060
PKGES - 50 G50 - II 50 40 66 88 4, In-Line TCI Mechanical / Class A1 3.68 70 130 2800x1080x1440 1150
PKGES - 62.5 G62.5 - II 62.5 50 66 88 4, In-Line TCI Mechanical / Class A1 3.68 87 130 2800x1080x1440 1200
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Acoustic Enclosures / Soundproof Enclosure

1. The precaution has been taken in the design of Enclosures to reduce  different & higher level sounds created at various locations while DG Set is running.

2. Temp. : As far as ventilation is considered. The OSE enclosures are provided with forced & natural ventilation system which enables the fresh air inlet to engine breathing, cooling & throws out hot air outside considerably. Special precautions are taken for Engine Air Filters which is directed allowed to suck the Fresh Inlet Air for Engine directly from atmosphere

3. Whether Proof : All the precautions has been taken to withstand the All types of climate conditions & seasons like winter, monsoon, summer, etc.

4. Maintenance : Sufficient space is allotted inside to fit different accessories like batteries, etc & the maint. can done inside with the easy movement of the working person on DG Set.

The "OSE" Series enclosure features include :

Highly Corrosion Resistant Construction / Structure

  • Stainless steel locks and hinges.
  • Zinc plated or stainless steel fasteners.
  • Sheet steel components pre- treated with zinc phosphate prior to Painting.
  • Excellent Access for maintenance.
  • Easy access for Radiator coolant / water filling.
  • Lube oil and cooling water drains piped to exterior of the canopy.
  • Full length extra wide doors  / sliding doors on each side.
  • Safety glass control panel viewing window in a door; Emergency stop button mounted on canopy exterior.
  • Cooling fan and battery charging alternator fully guarded.
  • Fuel fill and battery (with stand) can only be reached via lockable access doors.
  • Exhaust silencing system totally enclosed / lagged inside for operator safety.
  • ​Body made from CRCA Steel, 16 SWG with high Accuracy level, with highly skilled experienced staff, welded with jigs & fixtures, which can accommodate 50 mm to 100 mm Acoustic Lining for various ranges of DG Sets from 2. 5 KVA TO 2000 KVA.
  • Various ports / partitions / louvers are provided for the canopy to suit the application & as per the type of DG Set – air / water cooled to fit the required accessories to couple DG Set with canopy, Considering exhaust piping, engine suctions, forced ventilations, bellows for radiators, etc.
  • Z / C / Other, (if required) sections are used to form box type panellining, which facilitate easy & uniform filling of Acoustic material - glass wool of high & required density, with the help of perforated MS sheet (AL. Perforated sheet optional).
  • Rubber Gaskets / Silicon sealant are used wherever required to fill up the typical gaps, if any.
  • The precaution is being taken for the heat radiation & conduction through the exhaust system. All the exhaust piping (except engine exhaust manifold, expansion below) inside canopy is lagged with asbestos lagging / Aluminium cladding.
  • To ensure suffient space inside enclosure, & for higher ratings, the silence (residential) is provided/fitted outside & top of the canopy.



  • The noise level reduction is ensured by 25 dBA at 1 Mtrs.than the specified sound levels of Engine manufactures, which is normally 100 (+5 DbA), in open atmosphere.
  • Noise level, on average below 75 dBA at 1 M in open atm. & 65 to 70 dBA at 1 M in open atm for Super Sound Attenuated Canopies.
  • No duration applicable for DG Set if housed in Enclosure.
  • Enclosures are whether proof / suitable for   open air installation. No civil work is required, except bottom sealing.
  • Sufficient space for Routine. Breakdown maintenance.
  • Air filter is allowed to suck fresh air, which is breathed by Engine required for proper & complete combustion of fuel. Normal temp. Difference in bet. Ambient air temp. & Air inlet temp. To air filter is 10 deg. cel. (+ / - 5 deg. cel. normally depends upon the site conditions, & the difference increases if amb. temp. is above 40 to 45 deg. cel.)
  • The Enclosure is supplied with or without space for fuel tank & panel. Enough space to house panel and Fuel Tank inside canopy (optional).
  • Heavy-duty sturdy steel base frame for placement of D.G. Set (optional as canopy base).
  • Provision of Air-Intake / Ventilators and Air-Exhaust silencer's for preventing leakage of sound.
  • Openable doors / sliding doors for easy access to virtually every part of D.G. Set for comfortable maintenance. Doors are Sound Reduction High Performance most comfortable Sound Reduction level to 70-75 db at a distance of 3 meters.
  • Forced Ventilated Air-Circulation system using Axial Fan's as per engine requirements.
  • Separate Duct for ventilating hot air coming out of engine (In case of Air Cooled Engines) / Radiator duct for water-cooled engines.
  • It can be dismantled completely & engine is accessible from all the (sides) Easy Modular Structure, Easier Installation.
  • Suitable for both indoor and outdoor installation.
  • Provides excellent access for normal operation & routine maintenance.
  • Construction is rugged, durable and virtually maintenance free.
  • Aesthetically designed to perform for optimum noise attenuation and for proper engine ventilation.
  • Suitable for existing genet installation.
  • Modular design for ease of assembly/disassembly in the event of major breakdown repairs.
  • All material used are of fire-resistant/retardant grade.
  • The Acoustic Enclosure is Environment Friendly as they are protected against weather dust rodents and have in built thermal protection.


Weatherproof and Sound Attenuated Trolleys

Container Type Enclosures are available for All Types of Generating Set Models, either in a Weatherproofed or a Sound attenuated configuration. All containers are designed to ISO spec and can be supplied fully tested and plated to meet relevant container approval authorities. The Sound Attenuated Enclosures can be tested and certified to meet the latest noise regulation. Super Sound Attenuated versions can also be supplied for use in the most demanding noise sensitive areas such as the Hospitals, Residential Homes, Societies etc.

Weatherproof and Sound Attenuated Trolleys

Make Your Own Canopy
We have developed the barriers & Acoustic Modules, which facilitate to convert Existing DG Set without disturbing existing civil work. Many of our customizing features we provide at little to no charge. "Do it yourself Soundproofing".
Barrier Panels can be screwed directly to any existent wall or framework for quick and easy soundproofing. Convert your any DG room into a sound Attenuated Room, it's that simple don’t be afraid. Customizing may be less expensive than you think.
Why go Modular?
Ease. Standard construction techniques are ill suited to your unique needs. Concrete or stud walls would need to reach expensive and inefficient thickness to provide the level of sound isolation achievable with modular panels. 
Appearance. Modular no longer means unattractive. Ose modular Acoustic Rooms offer a wide range of window styles, ceiling heights. Flooring options. Acoustic Barriers / modular panels are subjected to acoustical testing before dispatch to ensure the highest level of sound isolation. In future if your needs changes, modular construction allows rooms to be moved, reconfigured or enlarged as your needs expand, without high costs or the loss of acoustical integrity.
Remember : We can customize your DG Room to meet your specifications !
Including : You can choose to have
1. Different sizes barriers.
2. Door sizes or location.
3. Height, width, &/or length.
4. Special panel sizes.
5. Ventilation options.
6. No. Of doors, windows, window size's) & / or location.

Electrical Control Panels

Automatic Mains Failure Control Panels :
The Automatic Mains Failure Control Panels is designed to monitor (& to start Generator automatically) the mains source and upon partial or full failure of the source / Main supply.
hen mains fail, then it is sensed by Line Voltage Monitor (L.V.M.) and three starting pulses are given to Genset.
If Genset does not start within three attempts, then ‘Starting Failure’ alarm is sounded and stop signal is given to Genset to stop it fully & no start signals are given further.
If Genset starts within three attempts, then remaining starting pulses are automatically cut-off.
When Genset starts successfully, it builds up the rated voltage and Genset contactor/breaker is closed automatically. The load then is switched on / transferred to the Genset.
When Mains restores, which is checked by L.V.M. for its healthiness, the generator is then disconnected from the load and automatic transfer back to the mains source takes place, with the generator running on a cool down period and resetting ready for next failure. Load is now connected to the mains.
Electrical Control Panels 
Genset is then run for about 5 minutes time set, on no load and it is stopped automatically.
The cycle can be repeated if Mains fail again
Safeties like L.L.O.P., H.W.T. and over speed (optional) are operative when the Genset is
Running. For any of the above faults, Genset stops immediately.
Additional safeties can be added, if it is a specific requirement of the customer.
Automatic function can be totally by-passed and Genset can be started-stopped in manual mode also.
While the load is connected to Mains, the Genset can be tested for its performance in TEST mode also. In TEST mode, the total automatic cycle can be tested, without closing the Genset breaker.
Indication for the following 
Low Oil Press
High Room Temp.
Over Speed
Fail to start
Engine hours run Counter
Frequency AC
Voltage AC line-neutral
Voltage AC line-line
AC current
Engine Temperature


Shutdown Protections :


Low Oil Press
High Room Temp.
Over Speed
Fail to start
Under speed
Over current
V belt failure
Blower failure
Earth fault (opt.)


Manual Control Panel :
Technical Specification
  • Anual Start Generator Control Panels are designed to operate manually directly on the control panel. The engine control module incorporated as standard is electronic type.
  • The Panels are manufactured from 1.5mm sheet steel and painted in stove enamel BLACK textured finish as standard.
  • Set mounting format with integral MCCB or separate breaker Panel depending on ratings with an external protection to IP41 with wrap over cover.
  • Operating temperature range: -25ºC to 50ºC.

Each Panel is complete with the following components as standard :


3- Ammeter
1- Freq. RPM meter
Fail to start
1- Battery Voltmeter
1-Engine hours  Run Counter
1- Oil press. Gauge
1- Engine temp. Gauge
3- C.T. above 100 A
1- voltmeter sel. sw
1- Electronic Generator Control Module fully Programmable with : Control key switch Off / Run / Start (Optional)
4-  AC and DC fuses
1- Control terminals     1- Neutral terminal


Indicators for the following :


Low Oil Pressure
High Temp.
Over Speed
Fail to start
Under Speed
Over current
V belt failure
Blower failure
Earth fault (opt.)
Control on
DG on
Shutdown protections : Low oil pressure
High room temperature
Over Speed
Fail to start
Under Speed
Over current
V belt failure
Blower failure
Earth fault (opt.)

Auto Synchronizing and Auto Load Sharing of DG Sets


Single Line Diagram


When mains are healthy, then both the D.G. Sets remain in the standby mode.
When mains fail, Line Voltage Monitor (L.V.M.) senses it. Starting pulses are given to the Master D.G. Set. (Master D.G.Set is automatically selected by program.)
After satisfactory starting of the D.G.Set 1, voltage is sensed by Generator Voltage Monitor (G.V.M.). If voltage is healthy, then closing signal is given to D.G.1 breaker and it is closed.
  • Giving corresponding pulses from the Synchronizing Panel can then automatically start load
  • The load is then sensed by KW transducer in the panel & continuously monitored by Programmable Logic Controller ( P.L.C.)
  • Engine & Alternator parameters are also continuously monitored by P. L. C. in the Panel. In case of any fault (e.g. Low Lube Oil Pressure, High Cooling Water Temperature etc.), breaker is tripped & engine is stopped.If the load reaches & crosses 80 % of the rated capacity of the D.G. 1, then starting pulses are given to the second D.G.set from P.L.C.
  • When D.G.2 starts, then again G.V.M. checks the voltage, and if voltage is healthy, then breaker 2 is closed
  • After closing of the second breaker, Auto load sharing function starts sharing the load between the two D.G.Sets. The percentage of sharing is directly proportional to their individual capacities.
  • Since sharing is proportional to their respective capacities, even D.G. Sets of different capacities can be synchronized successfully.
  • D.G.sets continue to run in Synchronization until the load is above 80 % of any one D.G. Set.
  • When load comes down below 80 % of any one D.G.Set, then the automatic signal is given to that D.G. & then it starts taking the full load.
  • After transferring the total load to one D.G. (on which 80 % load is to be connected), the breaker of the second D.G.is opened. Now one D.G.is taking the load, which is less than 80 % of its rated capacity.
  • The second D.G. is then stopped after its cooling period.
  • The programme is repeated automatically for any variation of the load.
  • When mains are resumed, then load is transferred to the mains & both the D.G.sets are stopped after their cooling period.
  • The percentage setting is programmable which can be set at any value upto say 90 %.
  • For stable operation even for sudden variations in the load, programmed timers in PLC are used, which take action only after stabilization of the load.
  • The total Automatic operation has a manual override. In manual mode, the total operation can be performed manually.
  • Auto load shedding facility can be incorporated by suitable programming of PLC. With this facility, various loads can be brought in or switched off at particular time or for various intervals.
  • With the same logic, 3, 4 or 5 sets of equal or different capacities can be Synchronised, with Auto load sharing facility.
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