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Sewage Water Treatment Plant (STP)

PESPL has a team of expert professionals with decades of combine experiance in industries have been instrumental in Installation & Commissioning of Small and Large Scale Sewage Treatment Plants for the various sectors like pharmaceuticals, chemicals, residential loacalities. 

STP - Sewage Treatment Plants by PESPL are cost effective yet high performing, we make sure to bring down the commissioning cost for the STP stays in budget of our customers and yet give the best results of preventing hazard to the environment

STP by PESPL treats waste water and brings down its parameters up to the level defined by govt. regulatory bodies befor it discharged in the water bodies. PESPL make plants are capable of treating all kind of water waters from domestic, commercial and industrial wastes. It works by removing all the harmful materials from the sewage that can be hazardous to environment and human.

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Effluent Treatment Plants (ETP)

PESPL provide consulting for designing & commissioning Effluent Treatment Plants, we also manufacture & supply on understending the need of our clients on Turnkey basis for various types and natures of Waste Waters, effluents which combines advanced physico-chemical treatment processes with tertiary polishing system for the removal of organic, inorganic, oil and grease, heavy metals & suspended solids.

PESPL's methodology - We study and analyze the samples of the effluent/ waste water on different effluent parameters according to the nature and compositions, we carry out the treatability studies by using different methods checking techno-commercial Feasibility and then designed treatment schemes, processes accordingly to suit the purpose and need.

Our ETP systems are very compact, tailor made designs, portable required very less foot-print to accommodate, energy efficient. The up-gradation, modification in the existing ETP system is possible to achieve desired limiting standard laid down by the Pollution Control Board (PCB).

The Principle 
The principle of operation of ETP is Physico-Chemical treatment followed by Polishing Treatments like –Sand Filtration, Activated Charcoal treatment (Adsorption), Ozonisation (Chemical Oxidation), Ultra Filtration (UF), Reverse Osmosis (RO) and evaporation (If required).


Effluent treatment systems are widely used for recycling of wastewater in industries in order
to reduce the demand of water. This type of system uses physical, chemical, biological and
membrane processes for treating the effluents before being discharged into the water. The
effluent system is provided with all the requisite features that assist in achieving zerodischarge
standards laid by statutory authority.

  • Physico-chemical treatment
  • Physico-Chemical & Biological Treatment
  • Automobile Effluent
  • Sugar Industry Effluent Treatment
  • Beverage Industry Effluent Treatment
  • Process/ Trade Effluent Treatment
  • Metal processing industries
  • Rubber industries
  • Plating industries, etc
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Reverse Osmosis Plants (RO)

RO are used to purify water with the removal of salts and other water based impurities that further helps in the improvement of color, taste and other water properties. High quality reverse osmosis membrane elements are used to ensure flawless operation.

RO plants are Available as:

  • Commercial Reverse Osmosis System
  • Residential Reverse Osmosis System
  • Portable Reverse Osmosis System
  • Heavy Duty residential Reverse Osmosis System
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Water Treatment Plants

  • De-mineralized Plant
  • Water Softeners
  • Membrane based purification system
  • Ultra filtration
  • Reverse Osmosis
  • Process Water Treatment
  • Drinking water Plant
  • UV system
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Operation & Maintenance

PESPL provides various operation and maintenance (O&M) support services with several contractual options to meet the specific needs of the customer.

  • Our O&M service includes the following:
  • Supervision and Monitoring of plant performance
  • Supply and Training of O&M manpower
  • Non-Routine maintenance
  • Analysis of samples at regular intervals to gauge the performance of the plant
  • Plant performance audit and troubleshooting
  • Plant specific O&M procedure and manuals
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Environmental Monitoring Consultancy

PESPL also provides monitoring services for the following :-/

  •  Air Monitoring
  •  Ambient
  •  Work zone
  •  Stack
  •  Soil
  •  Noise
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Environment Clearance and EIA

  • Building and Construction Projects
  • Industrial estates, parks, complexes, areas, export processing, SEZ, Biotech Parks
  • Townships and Area Development Projects
  • IT and IT Projects
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Audits and MPCB Liasioning

PESPL offers a wide range of Liasioning Consultancy to our clients by understanding the requirements; to provide them the best liasioning services. Also we perform safety audits required for complainces


  •  Consent
  •  Hazardous Material & Waste Return
  •  Environmental Statement
  •  Safety audit
  •  Fire audit
  •  CGWA
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