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Hydraulic Bailing Press

Hydraulic Baling Press

Since 1998,  ‘REPL’ is producing Scrap Balling Presses for various scrap materials. Today, we have achieved a position of technology leader in the world through our efforts to satisfy our customer’s need & efforts consistent development strategy.

REPL Hydraulic Scrap  Balling Press are designed for processing plastic, ferrous or non-ferrous scrap in all forms. These machines are capable of compressing various leftover housing of junk, cab, metal structural, metallic chips into cuboid bales. The density of these bales is high, so that are convenient to store, transportation & metallurgy.

Today REPL is producing wide range of scrap balers. Whatever the size of your company, we have what is required to fit your needs and budget.

Few important advantages of using REPL Balers are as follows:

  •     High speed and fully automatic operations.
  •     Lower maintenance & low energy consumption but fast production rate.
  •     Most reliable hydraulics as all valves are internationally reputed Make & inter changeable with any other make.
  •     Consistently lower cost per ton that any other competitors

Features of Scrap Press For Ferrous & Non Ferrous Scrap Material

  •     Both fully automatic (PLC Controlled) & Hand lever operated models are available
  •     Balers can be used for Ferrous or Non – Ferrous Scrap materials
  •     Full Bale Ejection from the chamber
  •     All safety features can be provided as per European Norms
  •     Each Machine is rigorously tested prior to the delivery
  •     Easily operated by one person


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C Frame Hydraulic Press

C Frame Hydraulic Press

We offer workshop hydraulic presses maximum 600 tons and in higher capacities as per customer requirements. These presses are made out of tested materials, press frame made out of tested ms plates, stress relieved after fabrication and machined for accuracy, hydraulic cylinders are made out of tested ms seamless pipes, imported seals are used in the hydraulic cylinder reputed make hydraulic pumps and valves are used in the hydraulic system.


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Hydraulic Shearing Machine

Basic Info

These are generally heavy duly type machines, used for cutting re-rollble  scrap (Plates, Rails, Beams, Channels, Rounds, Angles, Squares Etc. in cold condition.

These are usually used by scrap mills to prepare rolling stock in suitable shape & size for re-rolling.

Very useful in induction melting furnace, scrap processing yard to cut pieces of pipe, angles, channels, sheets, flats and round etc.

We manufacture scrap shearing machine with to minimum capacity of 18mm to maximum of 75mm  (Cold Metal).

Salient Features

  •     Shearing Blades are made out of a special grade steel.
  •     Heavy gear- pinion, pully and drive shaft.
  •     Easy to operate continously.
  •     The above data are indicative and not binding.

Optional Features 

  •     Shearing Blades can be provided extra against cost.
  •     The Shearing size can be modified as per your requirement, accepting the same under the sole discretion of HEW.


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Hydro Testing Machine

Hydro Testing Machine

We offer custom built equipment in the fields of pressure testing of pipes, valves and other special purpose testing equipment. The picture shows a pipe hydro tester developed by us for a customer in central India. This machine develops an end thrust of 1250 metric ton and can test pipes up to 80 inches in diameter. Maximum test pressure 250 Bar. Total weight of machine is 105 Metric Tons.

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Lathe Machine

Lathe Machines

REPL brand lathe machines are intended for wide variety of application such as oil country, steel & paper mills, power plants, ship building, mining and textile industries.

These rugged machines are designed to provide the precision you expect and rigidity and reliability required by modern demanding application as stated above and it is also useful for production oriented users. High chip cutting power, Precision and universality are the featured characteristics of extra heavy duty  Lathes series.


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Plate Bending Machine

Mechanical Plate Bending Machine

Mechanical Plate Bending Machine is another range of machines offered by us. These are offered with pneumatically operated multi disc and friction clutches that have a mechanical over crank. Its sophisticated design ensures consistent production accuracy and faster operations. Our range offers excellent performance and high durability and can be availed at industry leading rates

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Ring Rolling Machine

Hydraulic Forging Ring Rolling Machine

Applications: Rolled Ring is the most excellent equipment for processing seamless ring forging such as,bearing ring,gear ring,rim,turning support,flange and high temperature alloy ring for aviation. Features: The essence of ring rolling is to carry out radial rolling,but it also needs to make blank and is similar with forging,in fact,it is the second making blank.Ring rolling is not the same with rolling,and is also different from forging,it has much economic and technical advantages to the forming of rings. + Only to need light-duty equipment Ring rolling is punching forming to the partial blank continuously by rotating mould,compared with the complete punching forming for stamp forging,it has small area of contact between the tool and workpiece,and also has small deforming force.So,it can make biggish rings by adopting light-duty equipment,which can enlarge the range of forming for rings.   + High material utilization Compared with stamp forging,making blank of ring rolling only needs to punch small hole,so it has small punching recess,and also have not flash and pattern draft which is necessary for stamp forging,the shape of sectional dimension for rings close to products,so it can reduce cutting capacity and also save raw material.   + Excellent inner quality Ring rolling deformation adopts radial compression and circumference extension type,the metal fibre of ring arrange continuously along the circle,which is frequently in accordance with the force and abrasion.So ring rolling products have high intensity and wearability and super inner quality.   + Excellent labor condition Compared with ordinary forging,ring rolling has not impact,and also has small vibration and noise,which greatly improve the labour condition and easy to realize and automation.   + High production efficiency Compared with ordinary forging(e.g.reaming),it is much faster for ring rolling,which can greatly improve the production efficiency.

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Roll Forming Machine

Owing to our expertise in this domain, we have been able to offer our clients a finest quality range of Roll Forming Machine that is used for various heavy duty jobs. This machine is precisely engineered using high quality components under the supervision of our technocrats. Roll Forming Machine has many specific attributes like robust design, heavy duty steel plate body, easy operation, high efficiency, supreme performance and longer functional life. The offered machine is available in various specifications and can also be customized at market leading prices.


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Flanges Marking Machine

  • Model Number: RNFMM-001
  • Brand: Rangani
  • Materials: Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel, Alloy Steel
  • Standard: ASME, JIS(KS), ANSI, API, MSS, AWWA, DIN, BS and etc
  • Varieties: Threaded Flange, Slip
  • On Flange (SO), Socket Welding Flange, Lap Joint Flange (LJF), Welding Neck Flange (WNF), Blind Flange, Orifice Flange, Reducing Flange, Pad Type Flange, Loose Hubbed Flange, Welding Plate Flange, Welding Neck Collar, Welding-On Collar, Loose Plate Flange, Companion Flange, Plate (PL) Flange, Spectacle FLG8 (Spacer & Blanks), Square Flange, Long Welding Neck (LWN) and so on.


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Hose Crimping Machine

Scrap Cutting Machine

Sliting Machine

Eligator Cutting Machine

Multi Spindle Drill Machine

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